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Bathroom Upgrade

A yellowish and stained bathtub is a major eyesore for a newly turned apartment.  This is specially true if the walls have been painted and floors replaced. However, our team can easily solve this problem in a very affordable manner.

The Process

In order to achieve the desirable and sustainable results, our team has developed a five step process to bring the bathtub back to life.
Step 1: Wrap areas that will be affected by the paint. We ensure that everything is protected to avoid over spraying.
Step 2: This is the most important step to reach the right results, yet so many professional neglect due to the time it takes. Sanding and scraping the old caulk. The entire bathtub is entirely sanded. If it has old caulk or blacked grout, it is scraped and freshly replaced.
Step 3: Cleaning. The bathtub will be throughly cleaned from top to bottom.
Step 4: Neutralized and primed. With a special product, we will neutralize the bathtub for a better adhesion of the primer and final paint. This is step is also important to ensure the longevity of the refinish.
Step 5:Final coat. We consider this step an art. It is much similar to putting a final coat on a automobile.

Final Results

After our process, the bathtub will be ready to use within 24 hours. Refinishing a bathtub is stress free and affordable upgrade to your unit.

Get yours done today. Email us at for more info.

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